Our Mission Statement


The Mission

In a “post-truth” world, thoughtful, intelligent, well-researched analysis has never been more necessary. And at TheArticle, we provide it. Edited by Daniel Johnson and produced by a team in London, TheArticle aims to help you make sense of the news through free access to exchanges of ideas, rather than echo chambers of prejudice.

We have no ideological agenda and we promise never to tell you what to think. Our aim is simply to preserve the integrity of the free press in this country by embracing nuance and complexity – and showing the world in all its shades of grey.

To read TheArticle is to see a story from every angle.


The Business

TheArticle is built on trust, truth, and transparency. We are funded through advertising, so will never hide our journalism behind a paywall, nor be dictated to by an unaccountable media monopoly. We check our facts and expect our journalists to do the same.

Everything we publish is professionally edited by human beings, not robots, so advertisers can be certain that their products will be presented in a responsible context. We reward our contributors fairly, never misuse our readers’ data, and answer to independent trustees.

For everyone in search of open-minded, independent journalism, this is the genuine article.

TheArticle.  Every Angle.